The information contained in the bio-section (the main text field below the gallery) should contain structured information about past experience, skills, projects, fields of interest, links to previous work and similar information relevant for potential employers and partners. You may add links to external profiles such as personal websites, portfolios, other social networks and the like. Though it is recommended to speak about companies you work for, the description should not focus on them, nor you should speak as if you were the company. So at least half of freelance profiles should focus on the person and less of half on the company. Otherwise, please switch to a corporate subscription for the company.

Your bio-section should roughly go from a minimum of 10 lines to a maximum of 100 lines. Extra details like the languages you speak, Visa or Passport availability to work in foreign countries, will make your profile more complete.

We advice to use the html tag <h3> to title paragraphs especially when you have a long description text.

NOTE: If you decide to switch to a corporate profile within a short time form the freelance account creation, please contact us.