The academic account is thought for non-for-profit teaching institutions that officially teach how to use Blender to professionals and future professionals (e.g. architects, animators, engineers). The academic account will be created for people who will then manage the presence on the network on behalf of the institution they work at.

Professors and teachers that officially teach Blender and have no additional private activity on their own can apply for an academic account, too. The use of Blender in the frame of a school or university has to be mentioned in public webpages or documents as part of the official curriculum/syllabus/program of the institution, the same way of the non-for-profit nature of the institution. Moreover, it is required to provide proof of the current employment condition at an education institution linking a profile page that mentions the position of the applicant.

Trainer, schools and other institutions that teach how to use Blender for private profit should opt for a freelance account (for individuals) or for a corporate account (for non-individuals).